Medical and other expenses

If your asbestos compensation claim is accepted, you may have the medical and other expenses connected with your asbestos-related disease paid for by Tasmania’s asbestos compensation scheme.

Medical expenses

If you are diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease and you have:

  • less than two years life expectancy, reasonable medical expenses are paid up to a certain amount. Once this amount has been reached, your case will be reviewed by the Asbestos Compensation Commissioner
  • more than two years life expectancy, all reasonable medical expenses may be paid for.

You must complete and submit Form 3: Medical Services Claim Form (PDF, 614.9 KB) for each claim for medical expenses. You can also use this form to claim reimbursement for any medical service you have paid for; be sure to attach relevant receipts.

A general practitioner or medical specialist can provide the details of ongoing incapacity to work or treatment and services required using Form b: Ongoing Medical Certificate for Asbestos-Related Diseases Compensation (PDF, 477.4 KB).

See Definitions in asbestos compensation for further details of what may be considered as a medical expense under the asbestos compensation scheme.


Expenses for psychological consultations may be paid when directly related to your disease and a doctor deems them necessary.

Travel expenses

Reasonable travel expenses may be paid when you need to travel to receive medical treatment or services related to your disease.

The travel costs for an accompanying person may also be covered where a doctor certifies this is necessary.

Complete and submit Form 3: Medical Services Claim Form (PDF, 614.9 KB) for each claim for travel expenses.

Funeral expenses

If a worker dies from asbestos-related disease, the reasonable funeral expenses up to a certain amount may be paid by the asbestos compensation scheme.

To make a claim for funeral expenses you must:

  • complete and submit Form 6: Funeral Benefit Claim Form (PDF, 354.3 KB)
  • include relevant details if part of the funeral costs were paid through a funeral plan
  • provide a copy of the person’s death certificate
  • provide any other relevant receipts or invoices.


Form 3: Medical Services Claim Form (PDF, 614.9 KB)

Form 6: Funeral Benefit Claim Form (PDF, 354.3 KB)

Guide to Asbestos Compensation in Tasmania (PDF, 589.4 KB)

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Updated: 10th December 2019