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Asbestos Compensation Scheme


Feb 2022: The second independent review of the Asbestos-Related Diseases (Occupational Exposure) Compensation Act 2011 has begun.

About the scheme

Tasmania’s asbestos compensation scheme provides fair and appropriate compensation to:

  • a worker who develops an asbestos-related disease as a result of exposure to asbestos during the course of their work in Tasmania; and
  • certain family members of a worker who has died as a result of asbestos-related disease.

If you fall into either of these categories, you can make a claim for compensation.


If you are, or were, a worker as defined by the legislation (see Definitions in asbestos compensation), you may be entitled to compensation under the scheme if:

  • you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, and
  • you were exposed to asbestos fibres during the course of your work in connection with Tasmania, and
  • you have not previously received compensation, including through a common law settlement, for the asbestos-related disease that you are claiming for.

Family members

If you are a family member of a worker who has died from an asbestos-related disease, you may be eligible for compensation if:

  • you are a spouse, or child under the age of 22, of a worker who has died from an asbestos-related disease, and
  • the deceased worker would have been eligible for compensation if they were still alive.

Hiring a lawyer

There is no requirement to seek legal assistance before you make a claim, but you can if you wish to.

Supporting applicants

The Scheme works closely with applicants to:

  • provide advice on eligibility
  • keep applicants informed of the progress of their application
  • ensure compensation is paid quickly and any expenses are paid promptly.


Guide to Asbestos Compensation in Tasmania (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Tasmania Asbestos Compensation Information (PDF, 336.1 KB)

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Updated: 4th April 2022
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