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Training and supervising your workforce

Identify what’s needed

  • What does each person need to do in their job? Don’t forget your contractors, labour hire workers and regular volunteers
  • What does each person need to know to do their job?
  • What’s the standard of performance required in the job?
  • Are there any legally required licences?
  • Do people already have any/some experience skills, training, competencies?

Regular performance reviews can help you answer these questions. Any way you do it, consult with your workers: they may have ideas on what skills and knowledge they’d like to improve.

Keep a register


  • Your answers to the questions above
  • Every worker’s competencies
  • How, when and who assessed each person’s competencies.

Specialist safety training

Workers with specific safety responsibilities, such as first aiders, fire wardens, and health and safety representatives, need specific work health and safety training to do these jobs.

Create a training plan

You may have identified a gap between the skills someone needs and what they currently have.

To address this, create a training plan for them that states:

  • What competencies/requirements they need to achieve
  • What training they need
  • When and how this training will be done (on-the-job from a more experienced colleague, or with an external specialist training provider)
  • Any resources needed to support the worker’s learning, such as manuals, guides, or online resources.

Also consider creating a training plan or calendar for your whole organisation. This shows you’ve really thought about and planned the best way to creating a skilled workforce.

Other training opportunities

  • During inductions and regular staff meetings
  • After conducting a risk assessment
  • When you transfer a worker from one business area or worksite to another
  • When you change your workplace with new processes, equipment or chemicals.

WorkSafe Tasmania resources

Sample competency register (DOC, 36.0 KB)

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Updated: 9th June 2022
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