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Workplace Issues magazine

Workplace Issues is our free magazine that covers work health and safety, injury management and wellbeing for employers, workers and others. It includes the latest developments in the laws, and practical guidance to make improvements in your workplace, for the benefit of everyone. It is published three times a year in April, August and December (subject to change).

We want to continue to improve our magazine for you. Please email us your feedback.

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Telefraud warning

Workplace Issues does not carry advertising, sell advertising space or use other companies to sell advertising on our behalf.

Be wary of anyone trying to sell advertising space for Workplace Issues, or trying to claim money for advertising.

External contributions

Workplace Issues accepts articles from commercial, community or government organisations.

A maximum of 2 external submissions per edition will be published.

We reserve the right to edit articles; and publish only articles meeting the following scope and criteria.


To contribute, you must be at least one of the following:

  • current recipients of a WorkSafe/WorkCover Tasmania Board grant, partnership, sponsorship or other formalised arrangement
  • current sponsors of WorkSafe Tasmania Month
  • current sponsors of WorkSafe Tasmania Awards
  • current winners of a WorkSafe Tasmania Awards category (that is, 2018 winners)
  • a Tasmanian or Federal government department
  • community not-for-profit organisation with a work health and safety, workplace wellbeing, workers compensation or return to work focus.


Contributions must be a ‘practical guidance’ article. Specifically, your article can be:

  • practical guidance on a particular topic (such as a hazard or task or aspect of managing safety) so the reader can make improvements in their workplace practices
  • explanations of laws so the reader can understand and comply with these.

Advertorials for commercial products or service providers (as assessed by WorkSafe Tasmania) will not be accepted.

Author statement

The published article will conclude with a statement such as:

This article was supplied by XYZ Tasmania, sponsor of WorkSafe Tasmania Month 2015. For more information go to

This article was supplied by 123 Tasmania, a not-for-profit community group supporting rural safety. For more information go to


Workplace Issues is published in April, August and December. This is subject to change. Please email us for dates and deadlines.

Email your contribution with the subject line 'for the editor'.

Articles must:

  • be no longer than 550 words
  • be a plain word document in Times New Roman font size 12
  • not be designed in anyway – do not send PDFs or other format, in columns, or in any other fonts.

Articles that do not meet these specifications will not be accepted.


High resolution logos suitable for printing may be submitted.

Photos of the subject matter may be submitted. These must be high-resolution suitable for printing. Promotional photos of your staff and business premises will not be accepted.


By publishing your article, we do not endorse your organisation or activities. You may not claim any benefit or endorsement in any communications (for example, on your website).


WorkSafe Tasmania and the Crown in the right of the State of Tasmania, its employees and agents disclaim liability for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information, data and advice provided in Workplace Issues; and will not be responsible for any loss, however arising and whether or not due to negligence, arising from reliance on, or action taken on the basis of any information, data or advice provided in Workplace Issues. Any information, data and advice is provided solely on the basis that readers will be responsible for making their own assessment and verification of such information, data and advice before any reliance is placed upon it. Views expressed in Workplace Issues are those of the individual contributors or the editorial committee and are intended to stimulate discussion. They do not necessarily reflect the policy of the Government or WorkSafe Tasmania.

Updated: 4th April 2022
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