WRP role and services

Workplace rehabilitation providers (WRPs) are accredited to deliver workplace rehabilitation services to help injured workers return to work.


  • have staff with qualifications, experience and expertise appropriate to provide timely intervention with services based on the assessed need of the worker and the workplace.
  • are accredited by the WorkCover Tasmania Board. They can only deliver the specific services they are accredited for.

The role of a WRP

A WRP helps injured/ill workers remain at work, or return to work, by providing expert advice/services. This must be done in consultation with workers, employers, insurers, treating doctors and other providers, and must be tailored to the worker’s specific circumstances.

A WRP identifies and addresses the critical physical, psychological, social, environmental and organisational risk factors which may have an impact on a worker’s ability to successfully return to work. It achieves this through delivering workplace rehabilitation services.

Workplace rehabilitation services

Under Tasmania’s workers compensation laws, prescribed workplace rehabilitation services are:

  • initial workplace rehabilitation assessment
  • assessment of the functional capacity of a worker
  • workplace assessment
  • job analysis
  • advice about job modification
  • rehabilitation counselling
  • vocational assessment.

A workplace rehabilitation provider may be accredited to deliver all or some of these services.

What is not covered

Under Tasmania’s workers compensation laws, workplace rehabilitation does not include:

  • work conditioning
  • treatment (including therapeutic counselling)
  • overseeing/monitoring of an injured worker’s treatment
  • determining a worker’s ongoing entitlements
  • claims management
  • assessment of daily living.


Worksafe Tasmania resources

Workplace rehabilitation services (Information sheet for rehabilitation providers: RP-1) (PDF, 204.1 KB)

Guideline for preparing return to work plans and injury management plans (PDF, 218.4 KB)

List of accredited WRPs

Other resources

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Updated: 19th December 2019