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Why invest in workplace wellbeing

Integrating health, safety and wellbeing

While work health and safety has a legislated position in Australian workplaces, the emphasis has traditionally been on the health and safety of workers rather than their health and wellbeing.

However, the benefits of workplace wellbeing programs are now being recognised.

Good health is good for business

Workplaces that implement health and wellbeing programs are known to have:

  • increased worker morale and engagement
  • improved corporate image
  • reduced workplace injuries and associated expenses
  • increased attraction and retention of workers.

In the short term, the success of your workplace wellbeing program will see with improvements in the way your workers work together, engage in their jobs and enjoy their work.

In the long term, you should see a positive influence on your business performance through:

  • gains in staff retention
  • improved efficiency
  • enhanced corporate image
  • reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
  • fewer disability claims.

Some of these improvements are harder to measure than others, but each will contribute to improving your business bottom line.

Healthy workers = safe workers

Many Australian workplaces are making the direct link between a safe worker and a healthy worker, recognising they are one and the same. Healthy workers:

  • are fitter, more aware and alert
  • are more productive and more engaged in their work
  • are more resilient against illness
  • take less sick leave
  • less likely to suffer manual handling injuries or strains.

This makes them safer workers.

How WorkSafe’s advisors can help you

WorkSafe’s Health and Wellbeing Advisors can help you:

  • understand workplace wellbeing and the ongoing benefits of taking an integrated approach to workplace health, safety and wellbeing
  • develop a wellbeing program that suits your workplace
  • identify the wellbeing activities and topics your workers will participate in and get the most out of
  • monitor and review your program outcomes
  • connect with community health organisations, providers and services.


WorkSafe’s Advisory Service

Updated: 22nd April 2022
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