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Independent medical reviews (IMRs)

An employer or insurer may request an injured worker to undergo an IMR to provide them with an independent opinion about the worker’s injury or illness, work capacity and treatment.

The IMR report will help an employer or insurer make decisions about the worker’s rehabilitation, treatment and recovery at/return to work.

The independent medical examiner does not provide the injured worker with treatment.

These two documents have been developed with the aim to ensure best practice around the conduct of an IMR and consistency with information provided to workers:

Insurers are required to provide:

  • the guidelines to independent medical practitioners who have been asked to conduct an IMR, and encourage them to use it
  • the information sheet to workers who have been asked to attend an IMR.


Guideline: Independent Medical Reviews (PDF, 347.2 KB)

Information sheet IS-155: Independent Medical Reviews (PDF, 216.5 KB)

Updated: 4th April 2022
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