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Notify WorkSafe Call 1300 366 322

How to get training?

To apply for a high risk work licence you must complete the relevant unit of competency for the class of high risk work you require a licence for.

You must contact a registered training organisation and enrol in the course of training.  Once you have completed your training you must demonstrate that you are competent and ready to be assessed for your licence.

Only registered training organisations listed on the national VET register and those that have the relevant unit of competency can deliver this training. To find an RTO you will need to visit (external link).

Units of competency

Below are the units of competency which will help when searching for an RTO.

Boiler, advanced: BA – MSMBLIC002

Boiler, standard: BS – MSMBLIC001

Boom type elevating work platform: WP – TLILIC0005

Concrete placing boom: PB – CPCCLBM3001

Crane, bridge and gantry: CB – TLILIC0006

Crane, derrick: CD – TLILIC0007

Crane, non-slewing mobile: CN – TLILIC0008

Crane, portal boom: CP – TLILIC0009

Crane, self-erecting tower: CS – CPCCLTC4002A

Crane, slewing mobile: C2, C6, C1, C0 – TLILIC0010, TLILIC0013, TLILIC0014, TLILIC0015

Crane, tower: CT – CPCCLTC4001A

Crane, vehicle loading crane: CV – TLILIC0002

Dogging: DG – CPCCLDG3001A

Forklift truck, order picking: LO – TLILIC0004

Forklift truck: LF – TLILIC0003

Materials hoist: HM – CPCCLHS3002A

Personnel and materials hoist: HP – CPCCLHS3001A

Reach stacker: RS – TLILIC0011

Reciprocating steam engine operation: ES – UEPOPL002

Rigging, advanced: RA – CPCCLRG4001A

Rigging, basic: RB – CPCCLRG3001A

Rigging, intermediate: RI – CPCCLRG3002A

Scaffolding, advanced: SA – CPCCLSF4001A

Scaffolding, basic: SB – CPCCLSF2001A

Scaffolding, intermediate: SI – CPCCLSF3001A

Turbine operation: TO – UEPOPL001

Updated: 19th December 2019