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COVID-19 Safe Workplaces Framework

Last Updated:20 Jan 2022 9:59am

Please check this page and these links regularly for updates

The Tasmanian Government’s COVID-19 Safe Workplaces Framework supports workplaces as they operate during the pandemic, while ensuring the health and safety of all Tasmanians.

To comply with the Framework’s minimum standards and reduce the risk associated with COVID-19 transmission in your workplace, you should either:

  • complete a new COVID-19 Safety Plan or
  • review and update your existing COVID-19 Safety Plan.

The templates and guidelines information you will find here:

  • will help you document your control measures and show how you are keeping your workers, contractors and customers safe
  • are suitable for small and medium sized business. Large business may need to create a bespoke plan for their operations based on our templates and guidelines.

Keep your completed COVID-19 Safety Plan at your workplace: you do not need to submit this to WorkSafe.

I need to create a new COVID-19 Safety Plan

To create a new COVID-19 Safety Plan for your workplace:

Please save the template to your computer before you start to complete it, then you can go back to it as you need to. You can also print and complete them by hand if you prefer.

I have an existing COVID-19 Safety Plan I need to review and update

With Tasmania’s borders re-opening and COVID-19 active in the community, your existing COVID-19 Safety Plan should be updated now to help you comply with new Public Health directions and keep your workers, contractors and customers healthy and safe. To do this:

Please save the template to your computer before you start to complete it, then you can go back to it as you need to. You can also print and complete them by hand if you prefer.

Once completed, you should frequently review your plan and make sure your controls are implemented and working properly.

Guidance notes, info sheets, samples

COVID Safe Managing density, distancing and mixing of people in your premises (PDF, 212.8 KB)

COVID Safe Cleaning, hygiene and managing mixing of members at gyms (PDF, 218.1 KB)

Guidance note: Hospitality: Dealing with a positive COVID-19 case at your accommodation venue (PDF, 112.3 KB)

Guidance note: All industries: How to conduct a COVID-19 risk assessment (PDF, 192.1 KB)

Template COVID-19 Risk assessment form (DOC, 53.0 KB)

Example COVID-19 Risk assessment form: Construction (PDF, 183.1 KB)

Example COVID-19 Risk assessment form: Hairdressing (PDF, 212.4 KB)

Example COVID-19 Safety Plan: Construction (PDF, 350.6 KB)

Example COVID-19 Safety Plan: Hairdressing (PDF, 357.9 KB)

You will also find facts sheets on keeping your business safe and keeping your community safe at (external link).

Temporary exemption from quarantine

To register a temporary exemption from quarantine for close contact critical workers in critical industries, go to the Temporary exemption webpage (external link). Applying for rapid antigen tests (RATs) for critical workers is also done through this webpage. Community service organisations are invited to apply to the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Interim Stockpile for Community Service Organisations (external link).

For event organisers

Information on the COVID-19 Events Framework is available on the Business Tasmania website (external link).

Further useful information is available on the following pages:

Mandatory contact tracing requirements

Recording patron details to support contact tracing is now mandatory for a wide range of Tasmanian venues and events.

If you run an event or business you are legally obliged to collect patron details.

Collecting details

The Director of Public Health is mandating the use of the free Check in TAS app. Many businesses/organisations will be required to register for the Check in TAS app to collect contact information about everyone who spends time at their premises.

If you run one of these premises or events, you should have the Check in TAS app in operation by 31 July 2021.This means you should have registered your premises or event for Check in TAS and display the Check in TAS QR code and all patrons aged 16 years and older should check in by scanning this code.

See the (external link) for:

  • the full list of businesses that must collect contact details
  • full details about contact tracing.

Check In TAS app

Check in Tas app (external link)

  • For business premises, venues, community organisations and events: Registration for Check in TAS is a simple online process, with a free package of posters and QR codes mailed out to each applicant. Everyone who enters the premises should scan the QR code on entry, which leaves business owners and staff free to provide their usual customer service. All the business needs to do is ask the question: ‘Have you checked in?’
  • For customers: The free, easy to use Check in TAS app is ready for download from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Local residents and visitors will then only need one contact tracing app on their devices that they can use right around Tasmania. The information recorded through Check in TAS is automatically stored in the right format within the Department of Health for rapid response contact tracing, if required, and automatically deleted after 28 days. Your details will only be accessed by Public Health if contact tracing is needed due to a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the community.

Other ways to manage contact tracing

Venues will be able to check in patrons on their behalf through the app’s ‘business’ profile (or use a paper-based system if no device/service is available).

Contact tracing template register  (PDF, 79.3 KB)

Contact tracing template for individuals (PDF, 78.0 KB)


Business Tasmania and WorkSafe Tasmania have produced video conversations and information about the various elements of what your business needs to do to prepare for 15 December and beyond. This covers COVID-19 Safety Plans, conducting a COVID-19 risk assessment, specific info for tourism and hospitality operators, and more.

Reopening guidance videos: Business Tas (external link)

WorkSafe Inspectors Matthew, Claire and Andrea discuss the importance of tackling COVID complacency with borders re-opening:

Staying COVID Safe 1 (external link)

Staying COVID Safe 2 (external link)

WorkSafe Inspectors Tony and Kylie discuss what to expect when an Inspector visits your workplace and how to make your workplace COVID Safe:

Role of WorkSafe Inspectors (external link)

Cleaning (external link)

Consultation and communication (external link)

Physical distancing (external link)

Training and information (external link)

How to comply

How to comply

Minimum standards and Public Health Directions

Managing risk

Other employer responsibilities

Other resources

Public Health Directions and current restrictions

COVID-19 Industry specific resources

Employer resources (national): includes resources from Safe Work Australia and other agencies

All WorkSafe Tasmania COVID-19 videos (Youtube, external link)

Business Tasmania (external link)

Translated COVID-19 fact sheets in 63 languages: Australian Government Department of Home Affairs (external link)

Pandemic Plan Advice (PDF, 1.2 MB)

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