Inducting new workers

Show your new worker around your workplace and introduce them to their workmates. You should formally sit down with your new worker and tell them about

  • your safety policy and safe work procedures
  • how they can report hazards, incidents, near misses and injuries
  • who their health and safety representative, first aider and fire warden are.

Induction checklist 

If you've never used an induction checklist before, it's worthwhile doing one with each of your existing workers (no matter how long they've been with you). Don't assume they're aware of what's required with health and safety.

Keep copies of the completed induction checklists, and provide your workers with a copy too.

Sample induction checklist

Help your workers understand safety

Remember your new workers (especially if they're young) may be nervous, or keen to impress, so they may not ask you questions.

Encourage them to talk if they are unsure about anything. They can talk to

  • you
  • their supervisor
  • health and safety representative

If English is not their first language you may need to get a translator to help.

Remember your new workers will need closer supervision (including buddying) for some time, too.

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