Creating policies

Writing a health and safety policy puts your commitment on paper and shows everyone you take work health and safety seriously.

Even if you run a small business with only a handful of workers, you can't afford to assume that everyone is aware of what's required with health and safety.

Policy requirements

Your policy should state:

  • the responsibilities of everyone
  • set the rules and standards you expect everyone to follow.

This reinforces the message that while you have a responsibility for safety, everyone else is responsible too.

Involve your workers as you develop your policy so it becomes a shared commitment to health and safety.

Displaying your policies

Sign it and display it prominently.

Tell everyone about it so they know what they should expect and what is expected of them:

  • go through it at a staff or toolbox meeting
  • include it in inductions for new workers and contractors.

Be mindful that people have varying levels of literacy, education and/or understanding; or they may speak a different language.

Remember to review your policy regularly (say, once a year) to ensure it remains relevant and effective.