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Our Helpline inspectors are your first point of contact when you call WorkSafe Tasmania. They can answer your questions about safety, or refer you to an advisor or an inspector.

  • Call 1300 366 322 1300 366 322 (within Tasmania) or
  • (03) 6166 4600 (outside Tasmania)

Safety advisors

WorkSafe's Work Health and Safety Advisors can help you make your workplace safer by:

  • providing you with practical tools — checklists, worksheets and sample safe work procedures — to help you identify hazards in your workplace
  • helping you implement solutions that are relevant, practical and affordable
  • checking that the safety plans and policies you have in place are on track.

Our Advisors are here to help small to medium sized business (up to 200 workers). Their services are free and confidential, and carry no threat of enforcement or fines.

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Better Work Tasmania

Better Work Tasmania is a new approach to improving safety by helping workplaces collaborate, share their safety solutions and drive improvements themselves.

By becoming a Better Work Tasmania member and joining a networking or mentoring group, you'll have access to local experiences and solutions. Meet and talk to other businesses — they might know the solution to your safety issues.

Better Work Tasmania website

Wellbeing Advisors

WorkSafe's Work Health and Wellbeing Advisors can help you improve the health and wellbeing of your staff by:

  • helping you develop a health and wellbeing program that suits your workplace
  • identifying the activities and health topics your workers will value
  • monitoring and reviewing your health and wellbeing program outcomes
  • making links with community health organisations, providers and services.

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Your union may be able to provide safety information and support.

A good starting point: Unions Tasmania

Employers association

Your employer association or local chamber of commerce may be able to provide safety information and support.

A good starting point: Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry