Quad bikes and other utility vehicles

Quad bikes are four-wheeled agricultural bikes commonly used on farms. They are also known as 'all terrain vehicles' (ATVs), however they are not safe for use in all terrains.

Four-wheeled quad bikes are a popular 'workhorse' on the farm. Unfortunately, these vehicles are a cause of fatal and non-fatal incidents each year.

Side-by-side vehicles or multi-utility vehicles are increasingly used instead of quad bikes.

Quad bike safety this holiday season

Tragically, at least 124 Australians have died since 2011 from quad bike accidents and many more are being seriously injured. The summer holiday season is one of the most common times for quad bike deaths in Australia.

To help protect you and your loved ones from having a quad bike accident this summer:

  • be fully prepared by being properly trained and reading the operator’s manual for safe riding practices
  • always wear a helmet and protective gear, such as goggles, long sleeves and pants, boots and gloves
  • never let children ride quad bikes meant for adults
  • never carry passengers on quad bikes designed for one person
  • never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • always carry a mobile phone or radio device and tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.


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