Requesting assistance

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, certain people at workplaces may ask WorkSafe Tasmania to appoint an inspector to attend their workplace:

To do this, call 1300 366 322.

When making your request, you will be asked to provide:

  • your role in relation to the issue
  • contact details of the parties making the request
  • details of the business or undertaking associated with the issue, including the ABN if available
  • information about the issue or dispute.

These requests can only be made by parties involved in the issue; that is:

  • the PCBU or its representative
  • if the issue involves more than one business or undertaking, all PCBUs or their representatives
  • if the worker/s affected by the issue are in a work group, the health and safety representative (HSR) for that work group or their representative
  • if the worker/s affected by the issue are not in a work group, the worker/s or their representative.

A PCBU must ensure that its representative (if any):

  • is not a HSR
  • is an appropriate level of seniority
  • is sufficiently competent to act as the PCBU’s representative.