Non-disturbance notice

A non-disturbance notice requires an immediate action.

It is issued to:

  • preserve the site where a notifiable incident has occurred
  • prevent the disturbance of a particular site or plant, substance, structure or thing associated with the workplace.

The non-disturbance notice will state:

  • the period the non-disturbance notice will apply for (7 days or less)
  • the measures to be taken to preserve a site or prevent the disturbance of a site
  • the actions that can be taken even though a non-disturbance notice has been issued
  • the penalty for contravening the notice.

A non-disturbance notice does not prevent any actions:

  • to help injured people or remove a deceased person at the direction of the coroner
  • to make the site safe or prevent a further incident
  • to assist with a police investigation
  • that an inspector has given permission for.