Safety in Construction kit

The publication, 'Your guide to managing safety in housing and construction' (GB310) has been developed to help you manage your legal work health and safety (WHS) requirements in residential construction.

What is this Guide about?

This Guide aims to help you:

It is targeted at small residential builders, but also aims to help larger residential construction businesses that have more comprehensive requirements.

How to use this guide

The guide has 2 parts:

Part A - Guidance

Part A contains guidance information to help you:

  • understand your legal WHS requirements for residential construction projects
  • develop a WHS Management Plan
  • develop Safe Work Method Statements.

Part A follows the structure of the WHS Management Plan template in Part B so you can easily refer to it when you are developing your own plan. Section 10 provides guidance for developing Safe Work Method Statements.

Options for receiving a copy

Download Part A

'Your guide to managing safety in housing and construction' Part A - Guidance (PDF, 36 pages, 947KB)

Request a hard copy and CD by using our request form. Publication number ID: GB310

Safety in construction kit

Part B - Templates and tools

Part B contains templates and other tools. It includes the following templates for your use. These are in word format.


  • Sample text is included in the templates in Part B, to demonstrate how your WHS Management Plan or Safe Work Method Statement might look and what you might say.
  • It is important that you think about the words you include and adapt the text to meet the needs of your own construction business. You should also adapt the plan for each new project you undertake.
  • Should a WorkSafe Inspector visit your premises, they would expect to see your WHS Management Plan and Safe Work Method Statements have been customised to your project.