What happened?

Deliveries are unloaded at a shop in a public carpark, using a forklift. This happens three or four times a day. There is apparently no marked-out loading zone, and the forklift’s lights and reversing alarms don’t work.

This raised concerns for the safety of customers and their vehicles.

What were the safety issues?

The shop owner admitted he drove the forklift without having a high risk work licence to do so. This is illegal. The forklift was also in poor condition, with the hydraulic hoses in the mast being severely damaged.

How was this problem fixed?

The shop owner enrolled with a registered training organisation to get a high risk work licence to operate a forklift.

What can you do?

Make sure you or your workers are licenced to operate a forklift. Find out more about high risk work licences.

Learn how to safely operate and maintain your forklift. Our practical guide ‘Forklift safety: Reducing the risks’ covers these, plus traffic management, training and pre-start checks.

If you need further help understanding forklift safety and licensing requirements, talk to our Helpline or request a free visit from one of our Safety Advisors.