General health and chronic disease prevention

Arthritis Foundation

1800 011 041

Provides information on arthritis, osteoporosis and associated conditions; can link you to support groups in your area for activities such as tai chi.

Asthma Australia

Ph: 1800 278 462

Provides information and resources on how to control your asthma.

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Ph: 03 9885 0855

Provides information to workplaces on becoming breastfeeding friendly; and to mothers on approaching their employer on breastfeeding at work.

Cancer Council of Tasmania

Ph: 13 11 20

Provides information, services and fundraising for cancer related issues.

Continence Foundation of Australia

Ph: 1800 330 066

Promotes bladder and bowel health. Provides bowel health apps with pelvic floor exercises and tips for good bowel health.

Dept Health and Human Services

Ph: 03 6216 4331

Offers free workplace workshops on cancer awareness and screening.

Diabetes Education Services, Dept Health and Human Services

Ph: 03 6222 8403 South
03 6348 7815 North
03 6430 6583 Nth West

Provides training and support for diabetes education programs.

Heart Foundation

Ph: 03 6224 2722

Provides information on chronic heart disease prevention and Heart Foundation events.


Ph: 1300 789 978

Provides telephone and online support, information and referral service for men to deal with relationship issues/ Provides online resources for your workplace.

National Stroke Foundation

Ph: 1300 194 196

Has StrokeSafe Ambassadors available to speak to your workplace about preventing a stroke and recognising the signs of a stroke using the FAST test.

Tasmanian Women's Health Information Line

Ph: 1800 675 028

Provides free and confidential information on general health issues and support services for women.