PCBUs and HSR Training

A PCBU must allow each HSR and deputy HSR paid time off to attend training, equivalent to what they would otherwise be entitled to receive for working during that period. It should be part of normal work-related activities and earnings should be normal/expected during the course attendance along with any pay entitlements including shift work, regular overtime, higher duties etc.

A PCBU must as soon as practicable (and within a period of 3 months after the request is made) allow the HSR time off to attend training and pay any course fees along with any other reasonable costs.

Further training

If a HSR or deputy HSR is re-elected and has already participated in initial HSR training, they do not have an entitlement to take time off work with pay to attend the 5 day training course again. However, they are entitled to a 1 day annual refresher training following the completion of initial training.