Mobile crane inspections

The major inspections identified in the AS2550 series have been specified as 10 years for mechanical items and 25 years for structural items, due to the design life parameters specified in AS1418.1.

Mechanical items are subject to more regular inspections than the structural items, as mechanical items are more prone to wear and fatigue due to the large number of loading cycles they are subject to. However, the following factors need to be considered:

  • as crane manufacturers specify that both structural and mechanical components of the crane be regularly inspected to ensure the continued safe operation of the crane, the crane owner needs to comply with these conditions
  • the intent of the 25 year major inspection period for structural components specified in AS2550.1 is not to disregard the inspection of structural items for a 25 year period
  • some items on a crane do not fall neatly within the definition of 'mechanical' or 'structural' and do not readily fit the model specified in AS2550.1.