MEWP inspection schedules

A program of inspections shall be structured and carried out on all MEWPs.

How frequent these are shall be based on recognised industry standards such as AS1418 and AS2550 series of Australian Standards and the manufacturer's requirements.

However, inspections should be at least every 12 months.

5 year inspections

After the first 5 years of service, and each and every year thereafter, inspections should be scheduled to ensure that all the critical components are inspected and tested where required by the manufacturer within 5 years, until the unit is scrapped or decommissioned.

This is known as the enhanced periodic inspection method or regime.

Inspecting the critical components can be deferred until the end of the 5th year, in which case a major inspection must be conducted.

10 year inspections

Major inspections (those that are in a recognised industry standard such as the AS 2550 series) are required:

  • where the enhanced periodic inspection regime (see above) has not been carried out and the unit has been in service for 10 years; or
  • for MEWP that are to be re-commissioned or have been imported, and do not have continuous working or maintenance records; or
  • for MEWP that have been subjected to a 10 year major inspection and have experienced 5 years subsequent service.

Intervals between major inspections

The 10 year major inspection is calculated from date of manufacture unless an in service plate stating a different date is attached to the unit by the manufacturer.

If a person with management or control of the unit wants to extend this period because of low usage, then you should obtain written confirmation from the manufacturer for the service period to be extended.

However, a major inspection will not ensure that the unit will remain in a safe condition until the next major inspection period. The person with management or control of the unit has an ongoing responsibility to ensure that their unit is inspected and maintained in compliance with the manufacturer's requirements, the laws, and the principles outlined in a recognised industry standard.

Results of inspection and maintenance programs must be kept by the person with management or control of the unit. Inspection and maintenance programs must include:

  • hourly inspection and maintenance intervals specified by the manufacturer
  • annual safety inspections criteria specified by the manufacturer other periodical inspection intervals specified by the manufacturer and industry standard.

If any of the processes above highlight a condition of an item on the MEWP that does not conform with the manufacturer's instructions, or recognised engineering practice if these do not exist, the item must be rectified before being returned to service.