MEWP audits and roadworthiness


WorkSafe will conduct audits on major inspection reports. These audits focus on:

  • the content and quality of the major inspection report
  • the selection and competency of people involved in the major inspection
  • the inspection of items on the MEWP that directly relate to safety outcomes when it's in use (that is, WorkSafe Tasmania will focus on the operation of the MEWP and not the general roadworthiness of the unit when used on public roads)
  • the decision making process, relating to the inspection program, undertaken by the competent person
  • compliance with inspection principles specified by the MEWP manufacturer
  • comparison to principles specified in the recognised industry standards and manufacturers specifications.  

The audits also target issues where poor maintenance of the MEWP would lead to structural collapse, instability or overturning risks.


The person with management or control of the plant who own units that are registered to travel on public roads in Tasmania must comply with requirements specified by the Department of State Growth.

For MEWPs that rely on the general roadworthiness of the vehicle for stability (that is, units with only one set of stabilisers/outriggers, spring locks or torsion bar), this should be taken into consideration and inspected.