Ensuring competency

Prior to agreeing to undertake a major inspection the competent person should have a detailed discussion with the person with management or control of the plant to ascertain who will be undertaking the dismantling, inspection and repairs of the various components and the ability of the responsible party (e.g. person(s) or organisation) to effectively carry out specified work. In determining whether the party has the ability to perform the work, it is advisable for the competent person is to request the following information:

  • Resumes for other persons involved in carrying out work on the MEWP (NB: if the competent person is satisfied that the other persons involved in carrying out work is an industry-recognised specialist in the particular field, individual resumes would not be required for those particular persons.);
  • Information regarding quality assurance systems implemented (it is acknowledged that many MEWP repairers will not have a formal accredited quality assurance system – however there should at least be some type of documented quality assurance system with sign-offs to demonstrate the work has been performed in a structured process and that there is traceability for the process).

The competent person should maintain copies of the information mentioned above in their records. This may be required upon request, by WorkSafe. At completion of the major inspection it is not the role of the competent person to certify the MEWP will be safe to operate until another major inspection, rather that he is satisfied that the MEWP is able to re-enter service and the amount of wear is within tolerances specified by the manufacturer or recognised engineering practice, if the former do not exist. The competent person is not in a position to know how the MEWP will be used or maintained over the next service period.