High risk work assessor


 To be an assessor (to assess competency for issuing a HRW licence), you must be accredited with WorkSafe Tasmania. Accreditation is valid for 3 years.


You must:

  • hold a current HRW licence for each class you want to assess in
  • have successfully completed the necessary assessor skill set
  • have at least 2 years of industry and operational experience for each class you want to assess in;and
  • be a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), or be employed by a RTO, or work in partnership with a RTO.
These requirements are detailed in our 'Become accredited to be a High Risk Work Licence Assessor' guide (GB367) which can be downloaded from the Forms and Guides section.


You must

  • submit the form 'High risk work assessor' (GF062) at a Service Tasmania outlet, with the relevant fee
  • provide documents such as certificates that demonstrate your experience
  • provide evidence of your identity
  • provide evidence of your connection to an RTO.

Proving experience

You can demonstrate your current industry and operational experience by providing documents such as:

  • letters from employers or PCBUs, on company letterhead, that you have done relevant HRW for
  • contracts showing you've been engaged to perform relevant HRW
  • work diaries or logbooks you've kept while performing the relevant HRW.

If you wish to add a class to your current accreditation, you must provide evidence of at least 12 months relevant industry and operation experience in that class.

Interstate assessors

You'll need to apply to WorkSafe Tasmania to assess HRW in this state (see steps above); however you do not need to supply evidence of 2 years occupational and industry experience.

You must do this before you conduct any assessments in Tasmania.