Approved codes of practice

Safe Work Australia has developed model codes of practice that support work health and safety laws in consultation with state and territory governments.

A model code of practice becomes an approved code of practice with effect in Tasmania once it has been approved by the Minister responsible for work health and safety in Tasmania under section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012.

Preserved codes of practice

As part of the transition from the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 (repealed) to the new work health and safety regime under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, four codes of practice from the former regime have been preserved. They are the:

  1. Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Reinforced Plastics, published by WorkSafe Tasmania
  2. Code of Practice for Risk Management of Agricultural Shows and Carnivals, published by WorkSafe Tasmania
  3. Forest Safety Code, published by the Safety Standards Committee, Tasmanian Forest Industries Training Board Inc
  4. Code of Practice for the Tasmanian Abalone Industry, developed by the Tasmanian Abalone Council Ltd

By virtue of section 15 of the Work Health and Safety (Transitional and Consequential Provisions) Act 2012 these codes are taken to be approved codes of practice under the new Act.