Public Holidays in Tasmania

The Statutory Holidays Act 2000 identifies certain days that are to be public holidays in Tasmania. A full listing of public holidays and the dates on which they fall in each year is provided below.

Substitute holidays

When New Year’s Day, or Christmas Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday the next following Monday is also a public holiday.

When Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, the following Monday is the public holiday; and when Boxing Day falls on a Sunday or Monday, the following Tuesday is the public holiday.

When Anzac Day falls on Saturday or Sunday, no substitute or additional holiday is observed.

Public Holidays 2019

Public Holidays 2020

Previous years public holidays

Employment entitlements for public holidays

Employment entitlements for public holidays will vary based on the terms of your award or agreement and employment arrangements. 

If you are unclear whether your award or agreement provides for a paid day off, please ring the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94.

Shop Trading

The Shop Trading Hours Act 1984 provides for trading restrictions to retailers on certain statutory holidays.

School Term Dates

School term and school holiday dates for Tasmania are on the Department of Education website.

Daylight Saving

The period of daylight saving in Tasmania can be found on the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s website.