Public holidays in Tasmania

Check your award – does this holiday apply to your workplace?

  • Listing a day as a public holiday does not automatically mean employees can have the day off work or get paid more for working on that day.
  • Check your award, agreement and/or National Employment Standard, to find out whether a holiday applies to your workplace, or ring the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94.
  • The Statutory Holidays Act 2000 identifies certain days as public holidays in Tasmania and the areas they relate to.

Statewide public holidays (all of Tasmania)

Table 1: Statewide public holidays (all of Tasmania)
New Year's day 1 January 1 January 1 January
Australia Day* 28 January 27 January 26 January
Eight Hours Day 11 March 9 March 8 March
Good Friday 19 April 10 April 2 April
Easter Monday 22 April 13 April 5 April
Easter Tuesday - generally Public Service only 23 April 14 April 6 April
ANZAC Day 25 April 25 April 25 April
Queen's Birthday 10 June 8 June 14 June
Christmas Day* 25 December 25 December 25 + 27 December
Boxing Day* 26 December 28 December 28 December

*Substitute holiday applies

Substitute holidays

When New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Christmas Day or Boxing Day fall on a weekend the public holiday is held on the following Monday (or Tuesday in some cases):

  • if 25 December is a on a Saturday, then both the Saturday and the Monday following are holidays.
  • if 25 December falls on a Sunday, then both the Sunday and the Tuesday following are holidays.
  • If Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, then Monday is the public holiday.
  • if Boxing Day falls on a Sunday, then Tuesday is the public holiday.

When Anzac Day falls on Saturday or Sunday, no substitute or additional holiday is observed.

Regional holidays (parts of Tasmania)

Table 2: Regional holidays (parts of Tasmania)
Devonport Cup 9 January 8 January 6 January Generally Public Service only. From 11 am Municipal area of Devonport.
Royal Hobart Regatta 11 February 10 February 8 February South of & including Oatlands and Swansea excluding Bronte Park, Catagunya, Strathgordon, Tarraleah, Wayatinah & West Coast.
Launceston Cup 27 February 26 February 24 February

Generally Public Service only. All Day - Municipal areas of Break O'Day, Dorset, George Town, Glamorgan-Spring Bay (north of and including Cranbrook), Launceston excluding Launceston City centre and suburbs specified below, Meander Valley excluding suburbs and townships specified below, Northern Midlands, Southern Midlands north of but not including Oatlands, West Tamar excluding townships specified below.

From 11am - Launceston City centre and the following suburbs and townships Alanvale, Blackstone Heights, East Launceston, Elphin, Franklin Village, Glen Dhu, Inveresk, Invermay, Killafaddy, Kings Meadows, Mayfield, Mowbray, Mowbray Heights, Newnham, Newstead, North Riverside, Norwood, Prospect, Prospect Vale, Punchbowl, Ravenswood, Riverside, Rocherlea, St Leonards, Sandhill, South Launceston, Summerhill, Trevallyn, Vermont, Waverley, West Launceston, West Riverside, Youngtown.

King Island Show 5 March  3 March 2 March King Island only
AGFEST 3 May 8 May 7 May Municipal area of Circular Head only.
Burnie Show 4 October 2 October 1 October Municipal areas of Burnie, Waratah-Wynyard and West Coast.
Royal Launceston Show 10 October 8 October 7 October Municipal areas of Break O'Day, Dorset, George Town, Launceston, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands, West Tamar.
Flinders Island Show 18 October 16 October 15 October Municipal area of Flinders Island.
Royal Hobart Show 24 October 22 October 21 October All of Tasmania south of and including Oatlands and Swansea also Bronte Park, Strathgordon, Tarreleah and Wayatinah - excludes West Coast.
Recreation Day 4 November  2 November 1 November All parts of the state which do not observe Royal Hobart Regatta.
Devonport Show 29 November  27 November 26 November Municipal areas of Devonport, Kentish and Latrobe.
  • Previous years public holidays – available on request from our Helpline

Shop trading

The Shop Trading Hours Act 1984 places trading restrictions on large retailers on Christmas Day and Good Friday.

School term dates

School term and school holiday dates for Tasmania are on the Department of Education website.

Daylight saving

The period of daylight saving in Tasmania can be found on the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s website.

Anzac Day trading

Communities Tasmania administers the Anzac Day Observance Act 1929.