Section 2

age for retirement means -

(a) in a case where an age for retirement is prescribed in an industrial award that is applicable to an employee, or is fixed by the terms of an employee's contract of employment - the age so prescribed or fixed; or

(b) in any other case - the age of 65 years, in the case of a male, or 60 years in the case of a female;

employee means a person who is employed by an employer to do any work for hire or reward, and includes an apprentice or any other person whose contract of employment requires him to learn or be taught any business;

employer means a person by whom an employee is employed, and includes the Crown;

metalliferous mine means -

(a) a place, open cut, quarry, shaft, tunnel, drive, level or other excavation, drift, gutter, lead, vein, lode, or reef in or by which an operation is carried on for or in connection with the purpose of obtaining a mineral substance (defined in Schdule 2) by any manner or method; or

(b) a place adjoining a metalliferous mine within the meaning of paragraph (a) on which a product of that mine is stacked, stored, crushed, or otherwise treated -

and includes -

(c) a place where 2 or more men are employed in connection with prospecting operations for the purposes of the discovery or exploration of or for a mineral substance, whether by drilling, boring, or any other method; and

(d) so much of the surface of a place and the buildings, workshops, change-houses, structures, and works on that place surrounding or adjacent to the shaft, outlets, or site of a metalliferous mine, within the meaning of a preceding paragraph of this definition, as are occupied, together with the mine, for the purposes of or in connection with the working of the mine, or the removal from the mine of refuse, or the health, safety, or welfare of persons employed in, at, or about the mine;

mining employee means an employee who is employed in, at, or about a metalliferous mine;

transmission, used in relation to an employer's business, includes any transfer, conveyance, assignment, or succession, whether by agreement or by operation of law;