Returning to work and injury management plans

Where a worker suffers a significant injury (one that requires, or is likely to require, the worker to have 5 days or more of total or partial incapacity), the injury management co-ordinator assigned to them must ensure there is a plan for coordinating and managing the worker's treatment, rehabilitation and return to work.

Types of plans

There are 2 types of plans for managing a significant workplace injury: return to work plans and injury management plans.

The type of plan used depends on the time a worker is (or is likely to be) incapacitated for work.

A return to work plan is a simple plan for co-ordinating and managing treatment, rehabilitation and return to work of an injured worker

An injury management plan is a more comprehensive plan than a return to work plan.

Both plans ensure there is a consistent and agreed understanding of what is going to happen, and what to expect during the injury management process.

Plans should be signed by all parties where possible and must be realistic, tailored to the individual worker's circumstances, and developed according to the insurer's injury management program approved by the WorkCover Tasmania Board.

See samples plans.