The claims process

Step 1

If the incident is reportable to WorkSafe Tasmania, call us on:

1300 366 322 (inside Tasmania) or

03 6166 4600 (outside Tasmania)

Incident notification information

* Notify your insurer within 3 days.

Step 2

Give your worker a Notice of Right to Make a Workers Compensation Claim. This can be downloaded below or you can get a copy from your insurer.

You must give this form to your worker within 14 days of them telling you about their injury.

Step 3

If your worker asks for a claim form, you must supply it (available from your insurer) and not obstruct their claim.

Once your worker has given you their claim form and workers compensation medical certificate, tell your insurer. This must be done within 3 working days.

Step 4

Complete the employer's section and send the workers compensation medical certificate and claim form to your insurer within 5 working days.

You must start making payments to the worker. See Making payments and expenses.

Step 5

Notify the worker of the status of their claim within 28 working days.

If a decision has not been made whether or not to accept the claim, you must advise the workers of the reason for this and the steps you are taking to progress a decision.

What happens next

The insurer will tell you and your worker that they've received the claim, within 3 days.

They will also give you and your worker information about your rights, roles and responsibilities during the workers compensation process.

Continue to promptly forward any medical certificates and invoices to your insurer.