Medical Expenses

If your claim for compensation is accepted the Asbestos Compensation Commissioner will pay reasonable medical expenses which may include:

  • Attendance, examination or treatment of any kind by a medical practitioner, dentist, physiotherapist or psychologist.
  • Provision, maintenance, adjustment or replacement of medical or surgical aids or curative appliances or apparatus.
  • Medicines or materials provided by a pharmacist.
  • Any examination, test or analysis carried out at the request of a medical practitioner, dentist, physiotherapist or psychologist.
  • Reports or certificates in respect of an examination, test, or analysis.
  • Reasonable travel expenses for travelling to examinations and obtaining medical services. The costs of a companion person may also be paid where this is medically necessary.

It is important that you contact the Commissioner before you incur any of these expenses. The Commissioner must ensure that the medical expenses incurred are related to your disease (and not some other illness) before a payment will be made.

In the event of an emergency where a severely ill person requires an ambulance and hospital admission it is not necessary to first contact the Commissioner before making arrangements for care.